Art from the Inside: Identity at Gallery 120

Incarcerated artists showing work now thru February 24, 2023

Art from the Inside: IDENTITY with selected works from featured artists is showing now through Friday, February 24, 2022, at Gallery 120. Art shows and exhibitions are hosted at Gallery 120’s brick-and-mortar location in the atrium of the Fine Arts building on the Inver Hills Community College campus in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.


Identity can be defined as “the qualities, beliefs, personality traits, appearance, and/or expressions that characterize a person or group.” In this exhibit, the artists explore the construction and interpretation of how we see ourselves as individuals and how we see each other.

Identity catalog

The question “Who am I?” asks us all to consider the relationship between the individual and society. Human beings are a complex combination of who we innately are, informed by our lived experiences, our culture, our environments, by things we control and things we cannot control.

While some aspects of an individual’s identity may be fixed or considered immutable, many aspects of a person’s identity change throughout his or her life and carry different weights at different times throughout our life. How do we embrace the complex layers of our individual and shared humanity?

How do we crack open the rigid ways we define ourselves and the other. What does it feel like to give ourselves and others space to grow and grace to evolve? How do we open ourselves to the possibilities of hope, to change the story we tell ourselves and the stories we tell about the other.

WHAT: Art from the Inside: IDENTITY

WHO: Incarcerated Artists

WHEN: Now thru Friday, February 24, 2023

WHERE: Gallery 120

Fine Arts Building
Inver Hills Community College
2500 80th Street East
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
General: 651-450-3000
Gallery: 651-450-3101

Artists Now on the Outside

Jennifer Marx

Ricardo Dominguez

Art from the Inside: IDENTITY gallery

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¹ SOURCE: Art from the Inside

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