Chinese delegation explores opportunities for international education

Chinese Delegation Visit
2015 Chinese Delegation Visit

Delegation hopes to create path for Chinese students to study in America

On July 17, a delegation of 25 representatives from Chinese vocational and technical schools visited Inver Hills Community College in an effort to exchange greetings and take the first step in building a partnership for the future.

The delegation was from the PathPro Project, an initiative approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education to develop relationships between Chinese polytechnic schools and other international institutions of higher education. The delegation visited colleges throughout the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System over a two week period as part of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU).

The visit was PathPro’s first visit to Minnesota.


As part of partnership between MnSCU and Chinese institutions, the delegations hopes to help create a path for Chinese students to study in America. The visit is also designed to help improve cultural understanding between facilities to help with curriculum development.

Vice President of Wuxi Institute of Commerce, Xu Hanwen, through translator Ii Chengxi says, “Because we have more understanding of each other, especially culture, the difference environment in other colleges, this is very important for us to have further cooperation between each other.”

PathPro encourages joint efforts in the development of programs and subject areas to provide Chinese and U.S. students with multiple pathways for access to international education and career opportunities.

“The U.S. community college system is well known throughout the world for its business and industry connections and preparing students to either enter the workforce immediately after graduation or to transfer to a four year institution,” said IHCC President Tim Wynes.  “The potential partnerships could present exciting opportunities for students in both countries,” he added.

Wynes also noted that  the U.S. approach to teaching students is “more hands on and applied learning” than what the Chinese typically practice.  “This visit provided an opportunity for Inver Hills to explore and potentially, enhance, our global perspective and implement it into our curriculum.”
AASCU reached out to MnSCU because of its diversity of missions and programs and the expressed interest from state universities.

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