CHS A3 Scholarship for Agriculture Careers

Shortfall of qualified graduates spells opportunity

Funded by a $250,000 grant from the CHS Foundation, the Agricultural Sciences Career Pipeline Program is designed to introduce thousands of students from across Minnesota to an abundance of career choices in STEM careers linked to agriculture and the environment.
“More opportunities are available than ever before in the fields of food, agriculture and the environmental sciences, yet we have a critical shortage of qualified graduates,” said Kristin Digiulio, a biology instructor at Inver Hills and CHS A3 for Agricultural Careers coordinator. “Our program at IHCC will make students aware of the hundreds of different careers that can help feed the world and save the planet. Potential employers are more than willing to fund these scholarships because the need is so great.”
Melissa Niles, 19, from Zumbrota, Minnesota, is pursuing an A.A. degree at Inver Hills. Melissa received not only a $1,000 CHS A3 Scholarship in spring 2015, but also a $500 CHS Stewardship Endowed Scholarship in fall 2014. She graduated from Arcadia Charter School in Northfield in 2013 and has plans to transfer to either UW Madison or the University of Nordland in Bodø, Norway. She is intrigued that the latter school offers a bachelor’s degree in biology taught in English.
“I want to be a large-animal veterinarian,” said Melissa, who shadowed a Zumbrota-area vet for her senior project at Arcadia. “I want to work with horses and cows. I like the idea of mobility in my job, traveling to different locations during the workday.”

Favorite things in the world

  • Her horse, Fancy, half-Arab and half-paint
  • Family and friends
  • Being outdoors: horseback riding, downhill skiing, hiking
  • Snow (winter is her top season)
  • Going to school (she loves college)

Melissa is paying her way through school and works part-time as a server at The Tavern of Northfield. She is exceedingly thankful about receiving the scholarships. The added funds have really helped out.
Tasia Brown, another Inver Hills student, also received the $1,000 scholarship.

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For more information about the CHS A3 Scholarship, contact:

Kristin Digiulio
Biology Instructor
CHS A3 for Agricultural Careers Coordinator

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