Communication​​ Students Make Videos Promoting College Resources

Videos spotlight voter registration, Food Resource Center, Community Garden, Bee’s Knees Committee, Unity Trail

Student enrolled in the Interpersonal Communication​​ course at Inver Hills Community College have created five videos promoting campus resources. The course is taught by Amy Zsohar, PhD, communication studies faculty at the college.

Amy Zsohar, PhD

“This project was created in partnership with Shannon Williams, the college’s community-based learning coordinator,” Amy said. “Throughout the summer semester, in small groups, the interpersonal communication students worked on improving their communication skills working with campus partners to create videos that can be used to help advertise these incredible resources.”

Amy reported that five student teams worked with the following college staff to make their videos:

“Our students worked with their partners to create their video scripts and set up the shots they needed,” Amy said. “Rachel Marzahn, interactive media coordinator and videographer in the college’s Marketing department, helped with the filming. Rachel also taught the students how to create quality videos.”

Amy mentioned that Maggie Laurel, learning technology support specialist from the Center for Teaching and Learning, assisted with the editing process. “This campus-wide project not only created some incredible videos,” Amy added, “the project also introduced a class of mostly new students to some of the amazing resources we have available on our campus.”

 Rachel Marzahn: Staff perspective

Rachel Marzahn
“I was excited when faculty member, Amy Zsohar, approached me to help with her Interpersonal Communication’s class projects. When people think of ‘communications,’ they don’t tend to think of videography and photography as options within that career field. However, much of what I do tells the visual story that accompanies written content. Media is very powerful and a very important part of this industry.
“It was fun to join students in class and around campus as they worked on their video projects. While I have the equipment and expertise, I decided to give direction and then give students the power to run the show. They wrote their own storyboards, had the opportunity to use the camera and lighting equipment to shoot their own footage, and really let their creativity flow into these projects.”
Rachel Marzahn
Interactive Media Coordinator
Marketing Department
Inver Hills Community College

Time to Vote: Midterms 2022

More about the Interpersonal Communication course…

Interpersonal Communication helps you recognize that we live and work in relationship with others and must communicate effectively with them to achieve our goals. This class helps you acquire the skills to effectively communicate with family members, intimate others, coworkers, friends, and acquaintances.

After reviewing relevant interpersonal theory, you will examine and identify your own communication attitudes and behaviors. You’ll also learn and apply techniques for improving communication in your relationships through active practice.

You’ll participate in multiple activities, both in and outside a classroom setting, to build on your interpersonal communication capacity.

Visit Communication Studies to learn more about communication courses at Inver Hills.

Student perspectives

Gretchen O’Leary

Gretchen O’Leary

Age: 20
Hometown: Rosemount, Minnesota
Current residence: Rosemount, Minnesota
Major and degree earning at Inver Hills: Biology (Transfer Pathway A.S.)
Planned Inver Hills graduation date: Spring 2023
Transfer plans after Inver Hills: Either North Dakota State University or Minnesota State University, Mankato
Career plans: Environmental conservation

Video project: The Bee’s Knees Committee promotional video

Q & A

What did you enjoy most about creating your video?
Going outside and getting footage of pollinators and flowers was very fun (if a little nerve-wracking at times, as I do have a fear of wasps). I also really enjoyed editing; I get a lot of joy out of finding the best way to make things flow and where to put B-roll, when to put jump cuts, etc.

What did you learn about your video’s subject matter that you maybe didn’t know?
I didn’t realize how many different species of bees exist in Minnesota. I thought it would be something like 10 at most, but it’s actually closer to 400. That’s, of course, including all the smaller ones you don’t see easily, like sweat bees, mining bees, and all the super-tiny species of wasps that more closely resemble specks of dirt than insects.

And that’s not even counting all the other insect pollinators that live here. Insect diversity is something that’s very hard, if not impossible, to truly internalize. At least for me, as someone who is more familiar with birds than insects. Additionally, this was the first I had ever heard of Bee Campus USA.

Would you consider adding videography to your communication skill set?
I would consider it, yes. I consider myself a capable videographer/editor, though at the end of the day I’m only self-taught. I also wouldn’t make it a major career goal to get into videography, I would only keep it as a hobby of sorts. It’s fun, but it’s not where my calling is; that would be with environmental conservation, which is why I chose this topic specifically. I was very excited to have a hand in spreading awareness about this program.

Alexis DeMaio

Age: 25
Hometown: St.Paul, Minnesota
Current residence: New Brighton, Minnesota
Major and degree earning at Inver Hills: Paralegal A.S.
Planned Inver Hills graduation date: 2024
Transfer plans after Inver Hills: Maybe University of Minnesota Law
Career plans: Become an intellectual property paralegal and maybe someday an attorney

Video project: Midterm Elections

Q & A:

What did you enjoy most about creating your video?
The thing I enjoyed most about creating my video was learning new skills and how to use different editing software I’ve never used.

What did you learn about your video’s subject matter that you maybe didn’t know?
I learned that midterm elections are often overlooked and have less voter turnout than presidential elections.

Would you consider adding videography to your communication skill set?
I think after this project I would definitely add videography to my skill set. I learned how to create, direct, and edit my own video.

Learn more about the Interpersonal Communication video project by contacting:

Amy Zsohar, PhD
Communication Studies Faculty
Inver Hills Community College

More about Communication Studies at Inver Hills

All human interaction is mediated through communication. The Communication Studies department at Inver Hills focuses on developing a stronger understanding of the nature of human interaction by exploring how messages are created, transmitted, and received through the use of verbal and nonverbal symbols.

Why Major in Communication Studies at Inver Hills?

Solidify your most important soft skill.
The know-how, insights, and competency you’ll acquire in our Communications Studies Transfer Pathway A.A. degree program will give you first-class advantages in any number of fields. You’ll graduate fully fitted to make an auspicious impression in public relations, politics, fundraising, event planning, journalism, marketing, social media management, human resources, and more.

Communication is the master key.
Successful interpersonal relationships depend on clear lines of communication. Learn how and when to listen while developing the skills to express yourself with precision, elegance, and simplicity. Studying communication will strengthen your connections with family members, intimate partners, coworkers, friends, acquaintances, and newly arrived guests in your life.

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking.
Four out 10 Americans are petrified by the thought speaking in front of an audience. You can beat that fright or enhance your already substantial oral presentation skills by taking our Public Speaking course.

Turn culture clash into interactive harmony.
By exploring factors that influence communication between individuals of different cultures, you’ll start to understand the relationship between cultural orientation and communication behaviors. Identifying your own cultural biases and assumptions will help awaken your multicultural awareness while deepening your appreciation for the astonishing diversity of the human experience.

Break into groups.
Working in small groups is an essential activity in college classrooms, corporate offices, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. As a Communication Studies major, you will sharpen the leadership, conflict-management, presentation, problem-solving, and discussion skills you’ll need to make a splash in any group setting.

Blaze your trail to success.
Our Transfer Pathway A.A. gives you the credits you need to transfer with junior-year status to a communication studies baccalaureate program at six Minnesota State universities. Your education at Inver Hills will empower you to become the pioneer of your own future.

Communication Studies Career Paths

Learn to communicate with dexterity and empathy.
As a Communication Studies major, you will be trained to engage, entertain, influence, inform, and champion the people in your life. You will be an advocate for the swift and accurate comprehension of information and ideas. Exactly what every workplace needs.

Effective communication seldom occurs naturally. Communication expertise is honed by applying your knowledge through practice and diverse experiences. If you enjoy studying communication, but have another career path in mind, you will benefit greatly from taking several communication courses as electives.

You will broaden your career prospects, increase your self-confidence, and become a more sophisticated communicator. Interpersonal and public-speaking skills are always in high demand in the workplace.


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