Community Garden Kick-Off

Inver Hills & Metro State Community Garden Sign
Inver Hills & Metro State Community Garden Sign

Saturday, April 29, 2017 • noon till 3 p.m.

The Inver Hills–Metro State Interdisciplinary Community Garden and Orchard on the Inver Grove Heights campus of Inver Hills Community College is hosting a Garden Kick-Off Saturday, April 29, 2017, from noon till 3 p.m. Gardeners will be starting seeds, marking plots and having fun in the dirt. All are welcome, including families and community members.

Other ways to get involved


If you would like to have your students work in the garden individually or as a class, contact Thad Ballestrazze for details at 651-450-3289.

Kristin Digiulio, Inver Hills biology faculty, invites everyone to participate in outdoor exercise and camaraderie. “Come garden with us,” Kristin said. “Stop by to help weed, harvest and get dirty. All are invited to drop by, pick up a hoe and share in this community service. Rain or shine. Gardens are messy places; please wear sturdy shoes and dress accordingly. Sunscreen, hats and hydration are also strongly suggested.”

For more details on volunteering, visit:

Inver Hills-Metro State Interdisciplinary Community Garden and Orchard

Community Garden MapWHAT: GARDEN KICK-OFF
Saturday, April 29, 2017
Noon till 3 p.m.
Inver Hills-Metro State
Interdisciplinary Community Garden

Inver Hills Community College
Due West of Heritage Hall
2500 80th Street East
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Enjoy the fresh air

The Community Garden’s outdoor classroom and picnic table are available for meetings, office hours and classes. Visit with resident turkeys, skinks, turtles, woodchucks, weasels and rabbits.

Prairie skink
Prairie skink

Interdisciplinary projects

Incorporate the Interdisciplinary Community Garden into your classes and/or club projects. Past activities have included:

  • Astronomy
  • Design and cost comparison of accessible garden beds
  • Creating sculptures for the garden pathway
  • Writing a reflective essay on the senses
  • Creating a compost program, including planning and building bins
  • Harvesting, weeding and watering
  • Seed-starting

How about marketing analysis? Investigating suburban food security issues? Survey and mapping? An exercise on how to value intangible assets? Inspiration for creative or research writing assignments?

The possibilities are endless. No matter the discipline, we can work together to create a way to bring the community garden to your students.

For questions, ideas, ways to get involved or just wishing to say hi, contact:

Thad Ballestrazze
Inver Hills Biology CLA

For best info on volunteer needs and hours, contact:

August Hoffman
Professor of Psychology
Metropolitan State University

For best info on community building, partnerships and donations as well as ideas on incorporating the garden into course curricula, community group or club projects, contact:

Kristin Digiulio
Inver Hills Biology Faculty
Agricultural Sciences Outreach Coordinator

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