Early Bird Registration Scholarship

Four students register early and receive $500 scholarship

Four students at Inver Hills Community College were awarded Early Bird Registration Scholarships for completing the course registration process for summer session or fall semester 2016 by a set date, making them eligible for a drawing. Nicholas Juberian, Cristiana Ricci, Olivia Ngwanyia and Laura Fischer each received $500 to use toward their college expenses. Funding for the scholarships was provided by the Inver Hills Foundation.
Registering early for your courses means getting the classes and class times you want most, which goes a long way in making sure you graduate on schedule. You can find out more by visiting the college’s Enrollment Center in the College Center, or contacting an enrollment expert by e-mail or phone at 651-450-3503.

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Scholarship recipient spotlight

Olivia Ngwanyia
Olivia Ngwanyia
Olivia Ngwanyia, 34, is originally from Bamenda, a city of 500,000 in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa on the Atlantic Ocean with more than 22 million people. French and English are Cameroon’s official languages. Bamenda is known for its pleasantly cool climate and picturesque hills. Olivia graduated from Progressive Comprehensive High School in her hometown.
Olivia currently resides in Farmington, Minnesota, with her husband and three children. She is taking pharmacy prerequisite courses at Inver Hills and plans to transfer and go on to pharmacy school. She enjoys studying economics and likes that Inver is close to her home and offers the classes she needs. Her career goals are centered on becoming a pharmacist and working someplace exceptionally warm and affordable with great schools for her kids.
Olivia has eight brothers and sisters who are very supportive of her plans and goals. When asked what three words describe her as a person, she chose: Ambitious. Courageous. Friendly. Olivia’s favorite pastimes are watching movies, dancing and traveling.

Bamenda, Cameroon

Olivia Ngwanyia | 21 Answers

  1. Nissi Beach, CyprusFavorite season: Summer
  2. Favorite natural feature (e.g., waterfalls, oceans, mountains, etc.): Oceans
  3. Favorite sport or physical activity: Dancing, soccer
  4. Your national bird if you could have one: Dove
  5. Place you would most like to visit: Cyprus
  6. Favorite actor or actress: Denzel Washington
  7. Your national mammal if you could have one: Horse
  8. Empire castWhat is the most exciting thing you’ve done? Traveling abroad
  9. Favorite band or performing artist: R. Kelly
  10. Your personal motto if you had to have one: Be yourself
  11. Coolest thing in the world: Ice-skating
  12. Scariest thing in the world: Skydiving
  13. Favorite all-time TV show: Empire
  14. Favorite all-time movie: Cry Freedom
  15. One thing you most want to accomplish in life: Become a pharmacist
  16. First Lady Michelle ObamaMost precious material possession: Jewelry box
  17. First thing you would buy if you won the $1.5 billion Powerball: Purchase a house
  18. Dream occupation: Pharmacist
  19. Person you would most like to meet: Michelle Obama
  20. Skill you would most like to learn and master: Playing the piano
  21. Most important issue or problem facing humankind? Hunger and poverty
To learn more about the course registration process, contact:

Enrollment Center
College Center

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