February: CTE Month®

Governor Tim Walz signed proclamation January 23, 2020

February is Career and Technical Education Month® in the state of Minnesota. Governor Tim Walz signed the official proclamation at the State Capitol January 23, 2020.

“Career and Technical Education Month®, or CTE Month®, is a public-awareness campaign that takes place each February to celebrate the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country,” said Yingfah Thao, communications and Web manager, Career and Technical Education, Minnesota State. “CTE Month® is a registered trademark of the Association for Career and Technical Education, or ACTE.”

Yingfah Thao added that as a member of ACTE, the Minnesota State System Office encourages Minnesota State colleges and the Minnesota Department of Education and its school districts to participate in this national awareness effort.

“Our office manages the Perkins federal grant, which comes into Minnesota State in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education,” she reported. “Nearly all our community and technical colleges partner with high school districts in some capacity under this federal grant towards CTE programming. You can look at our new revised map showing exactly which colleges and schools are partners in creating a pathway from high school to college.”

Proclamation on Career and Technical Education Month 2020
Governor Tim Walz

WHEREAS: Profound economic and technological changes in our society are rapidly reflected in the structure and nature of work, placing new and responsibilities on our educational system; and

WHEREAS: Career and technical education is the backbone of a strong, well-educated workforce, fostering productivity in business and industry and contributing to America’s leadership in the international marketplace; and

WHEREAS: Career and technical education gives students practical, meaningful experience by offering integrated programs of study, thus improving the quality of their education and giving students leadership opportunities; and

WHEREAS: Career and technical education offers individuals opportunities to learn new skills, providing them with more career choices and better potential for job satisfaction; and

WHEREAS: The increasing cooperative efforts of career and technical educators at the secondary and postsecondary levels, along with business and industry, are stimulating the growth and vitality of the entire nation by preparing graduates for career fields that are forecasted to experience significant growth in the next decade.

“This February presents another opportunity to showcase students and programs across Minnesota high schools and the community and technical colleges of Minnesota State that are doing tremendously great work to prepare young people and adults to enter the workforce,” Yingfah Thao said. “We invite you to take time this month to reflect and celebrate with us.”

Learn more about Career and Technical Education Month® by contacting:

Yingfah Thao
Communications and Web Manager
Career and Technical Education
Minnesota State
30 East 7th Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
Office: 651-201-1681

Lisé Freking
Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications
Inver Hills Community College
Dakota County Technical College
Inver Hills Office: 651-450-3551
DCTC Office: 651-423-8233

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