First-Generation Scholarship Contest

First Place: $1,000 Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Place: $500 Fall Semester 2021

Inver Hills Community College and TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) are celebrating the college’s first-generation students by holding a First-Generation Scholarship Contest with five scholarship prizes for fall semester 2021.

“First-generation students are trailblazers who demonstrate creativity, resilience and resourcefulness in navigating higher education,” said Matt Kruger, TRIO SSS director at Inver Hills. “The new scholarships reward first-generation students for using their creative and artistic abilities to express their college experiences.”

Contest winner prizes for fall semester 2021

  1. First Place: $1,000 scholarship
  2. Second Place: $500 scholarship
  3. Third Place: $500 scholarship
  4. Fourth Place: $500 scholarship
  5. Fifth Place: $500 scholarship

As a first-generation student, you are cordially invited to enter the FIRST-GENERATION SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST. Please follow the APPLICATION link below and answer this question:

“How has being a first-generation student affected your college experience?”

You can express your answer using art in the medium of your choice:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Or any other medium you choose

Finalists selected from contest entries will be shared on Inver Hills News and Inver social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The college will then hold a public vote to determine the scholarship winners.

Enter the First-Generation Scholarship Contest to win one of five scholarships. To submit your application, please click on the link below and sign in using:

<YourStarID> and your StarID password


Deadline to submit applications: Sunday, February 14, 2021

DEFINITION: First-generation college student

  1. A student neither of whose natural or adoptive parents received a baccalaureate degree;
  2. A student who, prior to the age of 18, regularly resided with and received support from only one parent and whose supporting parent did not receive a baccalaureate degree;
  3. An individual who, prior to the age of 18, did not regularly reside with or receive support from a natural or an adoptive parent.
Learn more by reading:

“What Is a First-Generation College Student?”
by Anne Dennon, Best Colleges, Published: July 1, 2020

Or visit:

Center for First-Generation Student Success
An initiative of NASPA and The Suder Foundation

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at Inver Hills

Jessica Neppl

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) empowers students to succeed at Inver Hills and transfer to earn a four-year degree by providing academic advising, guidance in the transfer process, and a positive community of support. SSS is one of the federally-funded TRIO programs that provide a pathway to higher education opportunities and success. If you are planning to graduate from Inver Hills and transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree, TRIO SSS could be a great fit for you!

What does TRIO SSS provide?

  • Personalized academic advising, career planning and major exploration
  • College transfer planning
  • Campus visits to four-year institutions
  • Workshops on various topics, including study skills, financial literacy and time management
  • Social and cultural events

Learn more about the First-Generation Scholarship Contest and TRIO SSS at Inver Hills by contacting:

TRIO Student Support Services
College Center: Room 255

Remote Learning Update

First, we hope that all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. TRIO is still here to support you; all of our services are available online or over the phone.

TRIO students, please make sure to check TRIO D2L Brightspace and schedule regular appointments with your advisors using the links below:

If you are interested in applying to join TRIO, please send your completed Inver Hills TRIO Student Application.
For questions, please email or call 651-450-3831; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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