First Year Communities

College is hard. You don’t have to do it alone.

As a member of a First Year Community (FYC) at Inver Hills Community College, you will enroll in two classes—one is a class you might need for your major (like psychology) and one class (like study skills) is designed to help you succeed in college.

We call our FYCs “communities” because you will be with the same students in both classes. All new students with fewer than 12 credits are expected to participate in a First Year Community.

“I’m really excited about the FYC program since helping students achieve their goals is important to me,” said Kathryn Klopfleisch, English and FYC faculty at Inver Hills. “College can be really hard for students as they balance their work, families, and classes, but we are here to support them.”

FYCs make studying fun AND more effective.

Boost your self-confidence, make new friends, elevate your collegiate game, and smooth the way to your degree and future career.

FYCs provide multiple benefits

  • FYCs are led by experienced instructors who cooperate to support you and your fellow students.
  • FYCs help you get to know other students since you take classes together.
  • FYCs make it easier to understand course material and complete your assignments.
  • FYCs introduce you to a range of on-campus services and resources.
  • FYCs provide special activities and events.
  • FYCs help you plan for your next semester and beyond.
  • You can enroll in an FYC for no extra cost!

Why participate in an FYC at Inver Hills?

You will make friends.
Because you will be in two classes with the same students, you will have opportunities to get to know each other, study together, and help each other learn.

You will reduce stress and save time.
College can be difficult. You will have an experienced instructor helping you develop skills like note-taking, test preparation, and time management. Knowing these techniques will save you time and give you confidence as you approach your classes.

You will learn about college resources.
It can be overwhelming to figure out financial aid, decide what classes to register for, or know when to get a tutor. As part of your FYC, your instructor will show you how to connect with campus resources to help you succeed and move forward as you pursue your degree.

You will connect with instructors.
Since faculty work together and your classes will be small, you will get to know your instructors.

Learn more about First Year Communities (FYCs) at Inver Hills by contacting:

Inver Hills Community College
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