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Inver Hills Student Senate partners with MSCSA

To increase the number of students voting in the general election Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, the Student Senate at Inver Hills Community College is partnering with the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) for Get Out The Vote 2016.

Maggie Nead
Maggie Nead

Student Senate Vice President Maggie Nead reported that the statewide, nonpartisan effort is focused on raising student awareness about the importance of their vote. In the 2014 election, only 22 percent of Minnesota State students system-wide went to their polling places and voted, an outcome suggesting 88 percent of students felt their vote did not matter.

“We want students to realize they can influence elected officials and help make issues like the high cost of tuition and fees a priority,” Maggie said. “Minnesota has the third highest tuition and fees in the nation.”

Voters can cast absentee ballots starting Sept. 23, 2016, either in person at their county clerk’s office or by mail.

Student Senate Legislative Director Cecilia Damian noted that student senators are visiting classrooms and explaining the importance of voting. “We are asking students to think about the issues they care about and sign a pledge to vote,” Cecilia said. “Our goal is to get 2,000 Inver Hills students to take the pledge.”

Cecilia Damian
Cecilia Damian

Cecilia added that this year’s election isn’t just about voting for the president of the United States. Voters will choose the next round of Minnesota state senators and representatives. “By getting out to vote, you can support candidates who make higher education issues a priority,” she said. “Just before the election, we will be calling and emailing students who took the pledge to remind them to go vote and make sure their voices are heard.”

Maggie said pledge cards are available in Student Life as well as from members of the Inver Hills Student Senate. “Get Out the Vote 2016 is the largest, most coordinated effort we’ve attempted so far,” she said. “MSCSA has a goal to get 25,000 students pledged to vote. By voting in the upcoming election, students can make a real difference.”

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To learn more about Get Out The Vote 2016 and the Inver Hills Student Senate, contact:

Nicki Bottko
Student Life Activities Coordinator
Jenni Yamada
Student Life Activites Coordinator

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