Inver Hills Receives Travelers Grant

Funds support Travelers EDGE® Career Pipeline

Inver Hills Community College and Century Community College recently received a $110,000 grant from Travelers. The grant provides special-project support to continue the Travelers EDGE® Career Pipeline at both colleges; each school will receive $55,000 to help fund the program for the 2015-2016 academic year.
“By providing our young, diverse talent with the opportunity to pursue academic and career success, we are helping to prepare today’s students to lead tomorrow’s workforce,” said Mike Newman, director of community relations at Travelers.

About Travelers EDGE®

Travelers’ signature education program, Travelers EDGE (Empowering Dreams for Graduation and Employment) provides a holistic approach to education through partnerships with colleges, universities and community-based programs to increase the pipeline of underrepresented students who complete bachelor’s degrees and are prepared for a career at Travelers or within the Insurance and Financial Services industry. — Courtesy of the Travelers EDGE® website

“Inver Hills Community College is excited to partner with Travelers and participate in the Travelers EDGE program,” stated Matt Kruger, director of TRIO Student Support Services at Inver Hills. “This grant will provide deserving students the opportunity for professional development, literacy and relevant work experience as they participate in a paid internship in the financial services and insurance industry.”
Top photo of EDGE Scholars (left to right): Salina Sok, Maayuk Eta, Beatriz Olivares, Jill Asche (Minnesota coordinator of Travelers EDGE), Randa Phommathet, Arcelia Hernandez Ramirez

For more information on the Travelers EDGE® program at Inver Hills, contact:

Matt Kruger
TRIO Student Support Services Director

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