InCollege Granted NACEP Accreditation

InCollege Grant
InCollege Grant

Inver Hills program one of seven nationwide accredited for first time

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) has granted accreditation to InCollege, a concurrent enrollment program at Inver Hills Community College. Mary Jo Gardner, concurrent enrollment program director at Inver Hills, reported that InCollege offers early college credit opportunities to high schools students.

“High school teachers deliver the Inver Hills classes at their high schools,” Mary Jo said. “The high school students are enrolled at Inver, the teachers are fully qualified, same as Inver faculty, and the students receive college credit for their coursework.”

Mary Jo added the Inver Hills concurrent enrollment program was one of only seven programs nationwide granted new accreditation in 2018.

Following press release published May 2, 2018, on NACEP website

Thirteen Concurrent Enrollment Programs Earn National Accreditation After Rigorous Peer Review

by Adam Lowe
First recognition of programs in Colorado, Georgia, and West Virginia that demonstrated high levels of academic oversight for college courses taught by high school instructors

May 2, 2018, Chapel Hill, North Carolina—The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) Accreditation Commission announced that it granted accreditation to concurrent enrollment programs offered by 13 colleges and universities, including the first programs accredited in the states of Colorado, Georgia, and West Virginia. The Commission’s actions bring the total number of accredited programs across the country to 107 in 23 states.

Through the non-governmental peer review accreditation model offered by NACEP, high quality concurrent enrollment programs demonstrate that the academic integrity of their college courses are maintained in the high school setting. These institutions commit resources, particularly faculty time and effort, to ensuring that appropriate levels of academic oversight occur. Campus faculty maintain control over college curriculum, student learning objectives, and how to assess student learning in the course. High school teachers who have the credentials necessary to serve as college instructors teach these courses, after receiving training and receiving ongoing mentoring from college faculty in the discipline. Read more…

More about InCollege

In partnership with the high schools, Inver Hills Community College provides early credit opportunities for high school students. Program goals include supporting high school to college matriculation of the academic middle and preparing high school students for college-level coursework. Tuition, textbooks, equipment and transportation for on campus field trips are provided by the high school. Students qualify for the classes by:

  • Completing the College Board ACCUPLACER exam and score 78 or above on the reading test
  • Or successfully completing Inver Prep coursework with a grade of C or above.

Read more…

To learn more about InCollege and NACEP Accreditation, contact:

Mary Jo Gardner
Concurrent Enrollment Program Director

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