Ladylike Representation at Gallery 120

Paintings by Klaire A. Lockheart  • Now thru March 8, 2019

Ladylike Representation, paintings by Klaire A. Lockheart, is showing at Gallery 120 in the Fine Arts building on the Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, campus of Inver Hills Community College now through Friday, March 8, 2019.

Ladylike Representation

Paintings by Klaire A. Lockheart

Now through Friday, March 8, 2019

Gallery 120

Fine Arts Building
Inver Hills Community College
2500 80th Street East
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
General: 651-450-3000
Gallery: 651-450-3101

Ladylike Representation at Gallery 120

Klaire A. Lockheart


Artist bio

Klaire A. Lockheart

Klaire A. Lockheart is an artist, painter, adjunct graduate instructor and K–12 art educator from South Dakota. Klaire has an M.F.A. in Painting from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, a B.S. magna cum laude in Art with an Emphasis in Art Education and Visual Arts from South Dakota State University, Brookings, and a B.S. magna cum laude in Liberal Studies with a Minor in Religion from SDSU.

Klaire’s recent solo exhibitions include A is for Apron at the Ritz Gallery in Brookings, South Dakota, in 2018, Klaire Lockheart at the Sioux Falls Arts Council in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 2017, Feminine Attempts, at the Jeschke Fine Art Gallery in Sioux Falls in 2016, and Domestic Sarcasm at The Garage in Rapid City, South Dakota, in 2016.

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Artist statement

The concept of femininity is vastly complex and absurd, consisting of modern expectations paired with old social customs. From an early age, girls are inundated with rules and mores of what it means to be feminine, and they are expected to learn how to become women. These rigid gender roles are perplexing, especially since women are often obligated to fulfill multifaceted roles dictated by religious institutions, families, and communities.

My paintings allow me to explore the unnatural expectations of femininity. The women depicted in my paintings are portrayed life-sized in order to express to the viewer that these subjects represent actual people. The scale of the paintings permits the women to be seen as monumental and intimidating, especially since they look down towards the viewer.

To highlight the contrasting roles women are supposed to fulfill, the women wear a combination of modest clothing and provocative footwear. The women also wear aprons to highlight the absurdity of requiring women to be tidy at all times, even though they are often responsible for dirty work. The subjects and their environments are painted representationally with oil on canvas to allow the models’ expressions to be clearly seen, which permits them to share their displeasure about trying to fit in the role of femininity set by our culture.

Learn more about Ladylike Representation at Gallery 120 by contacting:

Joel Starkey
Gallery Curator and Coordinator

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