Math Department Offering New Co-Requisite Courses in Statistics and Algebra

Co-requisite options give students quicker access to college-level coursework

The Mathematics department at Inver Hills Community College is piloting two new math courses with co-requisite options—MATH 0103: Statistics Support/MATH 1103: Introduction to Statistics and MATH 0118: College Algebra Support/MATH 1118: College Algebra I.

“These co-requisite math courses allow students to take a college-level math course much sooner without having to complete the normal prerequisite math course,” said Dr. Carrie Naughton, mathematics faculty at Inver Hills. “The goal of co-requisite courses is to dramatically increase the number of students—especially BIPOC and low-income students—who immediately enroll in and successfully complete gateway math courses aligned to their programs of study. Co-requisite support courses are based on sound, research-informed design principles.”

Students placing into MATH 0840: Introductory Algebra would be able to take MATH 1103: Introduction to Statistics with co-requisite MATH 0103: Statistics Support without completing MATH 0840.

Students placing into MATH 0940: Intermediate Algebra would be able to take MATH 1118: College Algebra I with co-requisite MATH 0118: College Algebra Support without completing MATH 0940.

Deep-six your math worries.

Need a math requirement for your degree or program? Find your smartest pathway forward by considering our new math co-requisite options in Statistics and Algebra. You can register today for the co-requisite courses for spring semester 2022.


“Inver Hills is one of the few Minnesota State colleges in the Twin Cities metro area currently offering new co-requisite pathways in both College Algebra and Statistics,” Carrie said. “These co-requisite courses not only help shorten the pathway so students can get through college-level math more quickly, but they also provide extra support and tools that help students become more empowered and successful in math.”

Carrie added that math faculty along with college staff and administrators are optimistic that the co-requisite courses will help reduce equity gaps.

“Our priority is reducing obstacles that prevent students from achieving their goals while still providing a strong mathematical foundation for their programs of study,” she said.

Learn more about the Mathematics department, Mathematics Transfer Pathway A.A., and co-requisite math courses at Inver Hills by contacting:

Lauren Johnson
Mathematics Faculty

Admissions Team
College Center

More about the Mathematics Transfer Pathway A.A.

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