Nhia Lor: An Artist’s Journey

A.F.A. in Art  major is enjoying his college adventure

by Kelly Darnell

College is a journey of self-discovery, a chance to explore who we are and what we love. For Nhia Lor, this journey has led him to finding his passion: art. Nhia is currently working toward an Associate in Fine Art in Art at Inver Hills Community College, and is enjoying all that this opportunity has to offer.

Nhia Lor
Nhia was somewhat interested in art from a young age, but only recently decided to make the field his major. At the encouragement of his parents, Nhia opted to attend college as a first-generation student, pursuing an educational path unavailable to his parents. Looking for a career that offered monetary success, Nhia took some nursing classes at Inver Hills. However, he found that the medical field was not for him. In the beginning of 2013, he entered the A.F.A in Art program.
“I’ve always loved art, I probably will never get tired of it, so that’s what I’m doing,” Nhia confidently stated.
Switching majors was definitely a good choice for Nhia. In art, he found something he could truly be passionate about, and the program at Inver Hills has really helped him grow as an artist. Having only previously drawn with pencil, Nhia was introduced to the world of charcoal and paint. He’s found that he prefers the former because drawing with charcoal flows easier and is more familiar, but he is looking forward to becoming a more proficient painter.
Nhia has found Inver Hills to be a great place to help him realize his dream of eventually becoming an illustrator or concept artist. The A.F.A in Art program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career as an artist, art educator or museum professional. The degree transfers as the first two years of a Bachelor in Fine Arts, or B.F.A. Nhia plans on transferring to either the University of Minnesota or the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, but for now is enjoying his last year at Inver Hills.
“I like it here because the teachers are really awesome,” he said, explaining that his instructors are more than willing to explain certain techniques and even help with personal projects. Rob Kolomyski, Nhia’s drawing and painting instructor, likewise has a high opinion of his students.
“It has been a pleasure to watch Nhia develop his artistic and professional skills here at Inver Hills,” Rob said, “and I am positive that he will have a successful creative career in the near future.”

“The freedom! To do whatever you want, to draw whatever you’d like.” — Nhia Lor on his favorite part of being an artist

Nhia has found many sources of inspiration for his own artwork, even outside of school. Historically speaking, he is drawn to the work of Vincent van Gogh. “I like his style of painting because it’s very expressive,” Nhia explained. Due to his affinity for digital artwork, Nhia has also discovered many inspirational modern artists online.
When asked what his favorite part of being an artist is, Nhia promptly replied, “The freedom! To do whatever you want, to draw whatever you’d like.” For those considering an art degree, Nhia’s advice would be to never give up, especially when you’re just starting out. “Just enjoy the adventure.”
And enjoying the adventure is precisely what you will find Nhia Lor doing in the classrooms of Inver Hills Community College—and wherever this journey takes him.

About the author…

Kelly Darnell
Kelly Darnell
Kelly Darnell grew up in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and hasn’t strayed from the Twin Cities suburbs in her 18 years. Kelly was home-schooled until starting PSEO at Inver Hills in fall semester 2013. When she finishes her A.A. degree, she plans on transferring to a four-year college to complete her bachelor’s degree in creative writing and communication. Writing has been Kelly’s passion for as long as she can remember—and she would love to turn writing into a career.
“But most of all, I want to make a difference in this world through the words I say,” she added, “for the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.”
When she’s not writing stories or blogging, Kelly Darnell enjoy spending time with friends, watching Doctor Who and reading.

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Spotlight on Nhia Lor pieces…

Nhia Lor A.F.A. in ArtNhia did this drawing of his girlfriend summer of 2014 after taking Drawing 2. Based off a photograph, the drawing took four hours to complete. Nhia started by going over the entire white canvas with charcoal to make the surface gray; he then began drawing the head. He used eraser strokes to create texture in the hair.
Nhia Lor A.F.A. in ArtNhia completed this drawing as a Drawing 2 project. The assignment involved drawing figures in a landscape of some kind, using at least two models. However, several of Nhia’s friends wanted to be in the drawing so he decided to challenge himself and include even more faces. The city background was referenced from a photo.


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