Non-Zero-Sum: Circular Sequences

Gallery 120 Visual Artist Jeffrey Hansen Current show online

Gallery 120 at Inver Hills Community College is officially online. The online gallery is hosting Non-Zero-Sum: Circular Sequences by Jeffrey Hansen, a visual artist based in Lowertown in St. Paul, Minnesota. Art exhibitions are traditionally hosted at Gallery 120’s brick-and-mortar location in the atrium of the Fine Arts building on the college’s campus in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

You can learn more about Jeffrey Hansen and his artwork by visiting:

Jeffrey Hansen: Visual Artist
Jeffrey Hansen on Minnesota Artists
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Non-Zero-Sum Unbound 22×28 Acrylic on Paper 2018

WHAT: Non-Zero-Sum: Circular Sequences

WHO: Visual Artist Jeffrey Hansen

WHERE: Gallery 120


Artist bio

Lifetime artist Jeffrey Hansen has lived and worked in Lowertown, St. Paul, since 1994. However, his artistic endeavors started before that; circa 1991, while living in White Bear Lake and attending the College of Visual Arts; he opened his own workshop and studio in the downtown area of White Bear. Jeff graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with major studies in painting, photography and printmaking, and minor studies in sculpture, design and furniture making.

Non-Zero-Sum: Circular Sequences gallery

Artist statement

I’m applying the concept of Non-Zero-Sum and the shape of a circle to convey an idea of infinity and of time. Circles span within the artworks forming abstracted subjective symbols while utilizing textures that emulate the timeless effects of erosion. Entrusting viewers to make connections to a notion of time that may bring in personal meaning to what symbolic ideas they may harbor at any one instant.

The original term ‘Non-Zero-Sum’ refers to situations usually found within parameters of game or economic theory and generally having no universally accepted solutions. Where in these artworks the circles visually generate no universal degree of sameness to any one viewer at any one time. That is, there is no single optimal strategy, outcome, or symbol that is preferable to all others.

A non-zero-sum conflict, as it were, has odds of both complementary and completely opposed motives that are perceived as never-ending. Where here, the odds within the artworks create boundless loops and circular infinite subjectivity that share that opposition.

Together then, the precision in which the circles appear in the plain of the artworks paired with the randomly applied textures markedly represent that opposition, helping ground the works in a reality of now-ness.

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Jay Jensen
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