Rachel Sonenblum Exhibit at Inver Hills Art Gallery

View abstract sculptures by an accomplished ceramist

Rachel Sonenblum started working in clay at the age of 15. She followed her love for ceramics to higher education, earning a B.F.A. at UW River Falls and an M.F.A. at Southern Illinois University. Her connection to Inver Hills dates back to when she was a college lab assistant from 2004 to 2009. She returned to that position in August 2014 and works in the college’s Art department.
Rachel employs repetition of a single or similar element to make a whole in such works as Segment I, a 2013 coiled earthenware piece. You can see Rachel’s work until Sept. 24, 2014, at the Inver Hills Art Gallery in the Fine Arts building on campus . You can also view a gallery of her work at mnartists.org.

Rachel Sonenblum • Ceramist
Artist Statement

Rachel Sonenblum ExhibitI pinch and roll clay between my fingers forming hundreds of similar yet invariably unique bone like abstractions. Clay records every touch and movement of the maker. I construct conglomerate forms which have an open web like structure where each end of the boney ceramic unit is glued to an adjoining piece, producing a self-supported structure. This process produces a system which appears to be precarious and begins to reference anatomy. An ephemeral glue is used which results in a construction that changes over time and with the effects of the environment.
I also employ the process of building up coils of clay one on top of another joining the coils when the clay is still wet resulting in sturdy hollow tubular sections. These fixed elements are more resistant to change than the glued pieces since the connections between the coils are made permanent through the firing process. Their close proximity in my studio and my desire for visual contrast spurred me to experiment with combining the two varieties of conglomerate systems.
The elemental processes of pinching and coiling clay produce objects that retain the record of their tactile forming. The unmediated back and forth between the hand and clay often produces a rhythmic pattern of marks. These recorded marks provide me with visual and textural information I can further respond to. On a small scale the systems I create may refer to the most basic building blocks and in a vast sense can speak of our global community.

 Rachel Sonenblum at Inver Hills Art Gallery

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