Sahra Mo’allin Wins Diversity Award

Inver Hills student promotes understanding and inclusivity on campus

Sahra Mo’allin, a student at Inver Hills Community College, was recognized by the college’s Diversity Council with the student award for outstanding achievement in the promotion of and respect for diversity on campus.

Diversity Council mission:
Dedicated to the campus-wide understanding of diversity-related issues in ways that support personal, academic and professional growth.

Diversity Council on Sahra Mo’allin: “Sahra stepped up this year to lead our Inver Hills Cultural Center by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. She invited people from many diverse backgrounds to become part of the center and helped them form meaningful relationships with each other. Sahra was one of the main reasons why the Cultural Center has been so vibrant with activity this academic year.”

Sahra Mo'allin (center) with Civil Rights Activist Spike Moss on campus
Sahra Mo’allin (center) with Civil Rights Activist Spike Moss on campus
Paralegal Instructor Sally Dahlquist, English Instructor Laura Funke, TRIO SSS Director Matt Kruger and Dean Ann Deiman-Thornton served on the Diversity Council Awards Subcommittee that selected Sahra for the award.

To learn more about the Diversity Council and this award, contact:

Mike Opoku
Interim Director of Diversity and Equity

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