Students and Community Support President Wynes

Veterans Pinning 2017
Veterans Pinning 2017

IHCC Student Senate issued the following statement of support Jan. 21, 2016

Over the course of this year, the Student Senate has worked collaboratively with President Tim Wynes and the rest of the Inver Hills Community College administration. When issues have arose, the administration has been responsive to our concerns, and helpful and honest in addressing student questions.
We object to the assertion that student morale has declined dramatically. When the Student Senate has debated issues, they have done so in a positive and productive way with the goal of ensuring that each student’s voice is heard.

The Student Senate remains interested in hearing from students. If additional information becomes available that the IHCC student experience has been impacted, the Student Senate will work with administration, faculty and staff to resolve the issue. However, at this time there is not information to indicate that this is the case.

The IHCC Student Senate is satisfied with the consultation they have received with President Wynes and wishes to continue pursuing an agenda that makes IHCC a better place for students.

To learn more about the IHCC Student Senate statement of support for President Wynes, contact:

Ray Kane
Student Senate President

The following are letters of support from the community

Letter of support from John G. Asmussen of Asmussen Research & Consulting

Hi Tim,

I was surprised and saddened to learn that the Inver Hills faculty intend to hold a “No Confidence” vote on your administration next Monday.  I have had the rare perspective to observe the unique environments that exist on numerous college campuses over the past several years.  From my work at Inver Hills, I have observed a campus that cares deeply about its students, has a restlessness to be innovative, yet takes the time to be respectful of all viewpoints before taking action.  While enrollment trends and economics have been challenging for all of higher education in recent years, Inver Hills seems to have pressed forward.  Thus, I would not have expected such a reaction from the faculty.

Although I am unclear about the source of their discontentment, I noted that the faculty statement cited a lack of progress on the developmental education recommendations cited in my May 2014 report as one of their complaints.  First, I must say that those recommendations came from the college’s Developmental Education Committee (joint committee of faculty, staff, and administrators) and represent the collective wisdom of that group.  Then, I must say that I found the statement’s characterization of the progress on those recommendations to be incomplete and inaccurate.

The May 2014 report had seven recommendations and I know that the college has taken steps to address at least six of them [I simply do not know the status of the remaining recommendation, # 6 on Classroom Attendance and “Early Alerts”.]   The statement also objects that the college has not adopted “non-cognitive” assessments to help improve course placements.

In fact, the college has done exactly what the May 2014 report recommended and that is to continue to explore the potential use of “non-cognitive” assessments.  The report recommended that the college first implement a process for using high school transcripts (which it recently completed) and then explore whether “non-cognitive” assessments would provide added value.  That exploration is slated to continue this semester in the work of the Developmental Education Committee.  My work with this committee has exemplified all those traits I admire in Inver Hills — caring for students, innovation, and respectfulness of all views, so I am mystified as to why it is cited in the faculty statement as a point of contention.

Accordingly, I offer my support as you face this new challenge.  If I may be of any assistance, please let me know.

John G. Asmussen, PhD, CPA
Asmussen Research & Consulting LLC
Phone:  651-405-6864

Letter of support from Mayor Droste of Rosemount, Minnesota
Letter of support from Inver Hills Foundation Board
The following letters are from businesses and organizations that partner with the college
Intek Plastics


Minneapolis Public Works Division Viking Gas Transmission Company
Letter of support from DCTC Foundation Board


Letter of support from DCTC Foundation Board Letter of support from DCTC Foundation Board

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  • Are the writers of the IHCC magazine going to do a similar story on the perspective of the faculty union? I wouldn’t expect a magazine whose mission it is to promote IHCC to the wider community to take a side on this issue.

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