Student Success Day 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Inver Hills Community College is hosting Student Success Day on the college’s Inver Grove Heights campus Wednesday, September 28, 2016. Student Success Day is an all-day event featuring free food, one-on-one faculty time and workshops to help students focus on their college goals. We have put together a lineup of nearly 60+ sessions. We also have plenty of free food, including lunch and dinner, to keep students going all day.


Learn how to gear up for success

  • Improve your GPA
  • Meet with instructors
  • Check out tutoring, student clubs and more
  • Choose a major
  • Balance your coursework, work and finances
  • Discover your transfer options
  • Organize your college life

Registration begins in Heritage Hall at 8:30 a.m. Students can grab breakfast snacks, pick up a program with room listings and start their Student Success Day. Students can register any time during the day.

Click on image below for Student Success Day 2016 Program:


Shannan Paul

Keynote presenter

Shannan Paul
Shannan Paul
Miss Shannan loves to laugh and to share this love with her audiences. Her storytelling and infectious smile are sure to crack up even the most stone-faced curmudgeon. She can relate to just about everyone whether they be students, Sci-Fi fans, jocks, or soccer moms.
She started her professional career working for Fortune 100 companies including Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America. Since her cubicle days, Miss Shannan has moved on to become a radio show host, actress, certified fitness instructor and a proud former player of the Women’s Professional Football League.
Her diverse professional background has given her an incredibly broad communication set and allowed her to work with people and groups covering a spectrum of ethnicities, age ranges and education levels. In addition, she is a touring stand-up comedian who has performed for a wide range of audiences. She has hosted numerous corporate and charity events. Miss Shannan is a regular guest on local TV talk shows speaking on pop culture and diversity.
Miss Shannan’s discussion on “Cultural Sensitivity for the Accidentally Insensitive” uses personal anecdotes and real world situations to teach the audience how to not “be that person” who walks blindly into an awkward situation. Miss Shannan can keeping you smiling and keep people of other cultures smiling along with you.


To learn more about Student Success Day, contact:

Shiloh Gideon-Sjostrom
Communication Faculty
Student Success Day Coordinator

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