Take a Winter Break Road Trip after Finals

You’ve got 24 days to live it up until classes start Monday, January 8, 2018

Imagine that Friday, December 15, 2017, has finally arrived. You’ve rumbled through finals week like a juggernaut. Exam anxiety, fitful catnaps and persistent drowsiness, last-minute term papers, endless triple-shot mochas and/or Monster energy drinks, and all that binge (or astutely habitual) studying are in your rear-view mirror.

Unless Forbes has your name listed on The World’s Billionaires, you probably aren’t taking your Gulfstream G550 to St. Barts or Bora Bora or Biarritz. That means you’re stuck moping around Minnesota (or even Wisconsin) with only 576 hours to rejuvenate every last facet of your life before spring semester arrives like a deranged musk ox on January 8, a date that equips Inver Grove Heights with an average low temperature of 14 °F.

Finals week, eek!

Road trip warriors

TripSavvy offers several sound reasons why road trips are a viable winter break option. Besides providing a congenial (not claustrophobic) atmosphere to bond with yourself and your traveling companions, including your dog or cat or African grey parrot, road trips have these built-in pros:

  • African grey parrotBe the boss of you
  • No airplane grub
  • Stay or go where you want
  • Meet the real world in person
  • Travel light or heavy
  • Save $$$ on airfare

TripSavvy also lists a number of startling disadvantages linked to road trips, but with no interest whatsoever in transparency and full disclosure, this article doggedly refuses to mention those conspicuous cons.

Four ice-breaker destinations for you and your snow thrower

Now that you’ve filled up your Range Rover with premium gas and strong-armed hapless friends and family members into accompanying you on your frosty road trip, here are four destinations that make wintertide in the Midwest more fun than a barrel of snow monkeys.

The North Shore of Lake Superior

Temperance River State Park
Temperance River State Park
Things to do:

Chicago, Illinois

Shedd Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium
Things to do:

Door County, Wisconsin

Sleigh ride on old logging trails
Sleigh ride on old logging trails
Things to do:

Branson, Missouri

Christmas at Silver Dollar City
Christmas at Silver Dollar City
Things to do:
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Just in case you are a billionaire, here's Bora Bora in December.
Just in case you are a billionaire, here’s Bora Bora in December.
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