Holocaust in Europe Tour

Vicky Knickerbocker leading May 2016 trip to Germany, Poland & Czech Republic

Vicky Knickerbocker, a humanities, human services and sociology instructor at Inver Hills Community College, is leading a tour of Holocaust sites in Europe in May 2016. The Education First (EF) College Study Tour includes stops in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Nuremberg and Munich. The tour retraces the Holocaust experiences of Inge Auerbacher, a Holocaust survivor residing in Queens, New York. Inge Auerbacher will be making the trip with Vicky and tour members.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle
Tour Description

Trace the escape route of Checkpoint Charlie and witness the sobering vestige of Auschwitz. The gravity of this war becomes tangible as you walk through Jewish museums and cemeteries that immortalize the memory of millions. Visit Prague, known for its role in the Velvet Revolution and remarkable landmarks, from the St. Vitus Cathedral to the Prague Castle. Tour will end in Nuremberg, where you will have the rare opportunity to visit the Palace of Justice where the Nuremberg trials where held.

Top photo: Historic center of Warsaw, Poland

To learn more, call the EF Traveler Support Team at 1-877-485-4184 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST.

The Holocaust in Europe

Tour number: 1652729BV
Group leader: Vicky Knickerbocker
Departure date: May 19, 2016
Return date: June 3, 2016
Stops in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Nuremberg and Munich
Tour itinerary
Departure gateway: Minneapolis

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For more information about The Holocaust in Europe Tour, contact:

Vicky Knickerbocker
Sociology, Humanities and Human Services Instructor

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