Trout Unlimited State Summit at Inver Hills

Several hundred students from 11 middle and high schools visit campus

The Inver Grove Heights campus of Inver Hills Community College hosted a Trout Unlimited State Summit on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17. Minnesota Trout Unlimited (MNTU), a nonprofit conservation group, put on the event, which is part of a new statewide education program focused on protecting Minnesota’s watersheds. The program is funded by a grant from the state’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.
Several hundred students from 11 middle and high schools in the Twin Cities east metro area converged on Inver Hills to share their watershed projects, compare their trout-raising skills, learn from water science experts, and practice casting a fly fishing rod in the Activities building gym.
Dan Callahan, Minnesota Trout Unlimited communications coordinator, reported that roughly 7,000 baby trout are swimming in 17 classroom aquariums in schools across the state as part of the statewide watershed education program. Students raised the trout from eggs they received in December 2016.
“The kids are studying fish biology and water chemistry,” Callahan said. “They will release their fish in the metro’s best trout stream, the Vermillion River in Farmington.”

Minnesota has 80 major watersheds. You can learn more by exploring an interactive map at Watersheds on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.


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Trout Unlimited State Summit @Inver Hills

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